In partnership with BrokenToad, BonesCon ’18 will host a painting hang out and model repair area.

Tastylia Order 20 MG We will provide a small amount of paints, as well as some free models to paint and take.

enter site Those wishing to use the area are advised to bring their own kit if they have any major projects in mind to work on at the show. Please do not expect to be able to use aerosol or airbrush kit at the painting area as this won’t be allowed.

We will also be hosting a painting event, with three categories.

Please use the area sensibly. Anyone found behaving in a manner likely to cause damage to the venue or bring the event in to disrepute will be removed from the show. 

Painters can compete to win Gold, Silver or Bronze in the following categories:

Single Figure (roughly human sized 32mm figure)
Single Large Figure (larger than human sized, bust or 54+mm miniature)
Group (units, small groups of figures and dioramas).

Painting Competiton 2018

BonesCon reserves the right to move models to the category that we feel best suits the piece.