BonesCon is a three day American style wargaming convention.The show brings together gamers from across the spectrum of miniatures based games, with a range of events across the weekend. Featuring competitive and causal play spaces, demo space, vendor hall, painting, board games and RPGs, the show should meet the needs and interests of all attendees.

Running February 8th – 10th

A quick reminder, tickets will be on sale September 1st, with the price remaining at £50 plus handling fee for the first month of sales. That will rise to £55 in October.

Tickets will be limited to 225 as we have a hard cap on space this year, and we are unlikely to release day passes.

There will be no hotel bonus this year, but we have one hotel block, with a second being worked on. All attendees with three day passes will receive this years dice, as well as the special 2019 miniature.

Confirmed games include Warmachine and Hordes, Guildball, Malifaux, Infinity as well a the casual play area where you can play any board/miniatures game. We have more games to announce, including Bushido, so keep an eye out.

Please feel free to ask any questions, and we look forward to welcoming you back to another great year of the show.