What is BonesCon?

BonesCon is a three day American style wargaming convention.The show brings together gamers from across the spectrum of miniatures based games, with a range of events across the weekend.

Featuring competitive and causal play spaces, demo space, vendor hall, painting, board games and RPGs, the show should meet the needs and interests of all attendees.

BonesCon is based on players from all systems coming together to play casual and competitive games against friends old and new. When you buy a ticket, you can chose to either select competitive or casual. This helps us ensure we have the right balance of tickets for all attendees. Each casual ticket gives you access to the causal play area for the whole weekend, allowing you to play as many pick up games as you like. When you select a casual ticket you must also select a core system from the drop down menu. This allows us to set up the right number of tables and scenery themes to suit player needs.

Each competitive ticket guarantees you access to one competitive event in the system you chose. You will also then be able to enter any other competitive events that have free spaces on the weekend.

Either ticket also gives you access to the vendor area and the board game and painting spaces. You will also receive a set of BonesCon ’18 dice and an event programme on arrival at the show, along with your entry badge.

Buying one ticket type does not preclude you from entering the other area. Casual ticket holders can also enter any competitive event in any system that there is space in, and competitive ticket holders can enter the casual play space. The system is set up to allow us to track event entry and ensure we correctly allocate space and tables to meet the interests of our attendees.

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Come join us for an amazing weekend of gaming with open play and tournaments across the entire weekend for systems including: Warmachine & Hordes, Infinity, Aristeia, Malifaux, Warhammer 40,000, Bushido and many more!

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Who is Bones Con?

The convention is overseen by creative director Jon Webb. He has over 23 years of miniatures based gaming across a wide range of games and companies, and considers himself a reasonable painter. Previously Jon took the plunge and set up a Warmachine and Hordes centric show, SmogCon after visiting GenCon and being dared to create an American style event back in the UK. The show ran for six years, ending in 2017.

The vision for BonesCon is to build on the experience and lessons learned through SmogCon, and grow a community focussed Wargaming event, bringing together players and the people that make the games they love.

Jon has previously worked for Games Workshop, as well as spent a number of years running tournaments and events as a Press Ganger with Privateer Press. He recently completed a stint with Warcradle helping develop the new edition of Wild West Exodus and can now be found heading up the Wargames department at Modiphius Entertainment.

Supporting his efforts are a team of dedicated volunteers who run the various rooms and events throughout the weekend.

Where is BonesCon ’18?
BonesCon ’18 will take place at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham.

When is BonesCon ’18?
BonesCon ’18 will be held over three days, from Friday February 16th to Sunday February 18th 2018.
Show hours are 09:00 – 01:00 Friday and Saturday and 09:00 – 16:00 Sunday.

Who’s at the show?
We are currently approaching companies to join us at the show, either as sponsors or vendors. Keep an eye on the sponsors page for more details